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What is a doula? What do doula's do?

Think of a doula as your best friend throughout your pregnancy. We offer support throughout your entire pregnancy and remain only a call away should you have any questions regarding your pregnancy. We won't leave your side during labor and offer continuous, hands-on support. We provide comfort measures for the birthing person and help guide your through situations that may arise during labor since we have an expanded understanding of labor, birth, and common occurrences during these times.

A full spectrum doula is a trained professional who offers support to people during the pregnancy – from preconception, birth, miscarriage, adoption, & postpartum.
Full-spectrum doulas also prioritize being accessible, inclusive, and culturally appropriate.


Benefits of Hiring a Doula


 Decrease in the need for Cesarean


Decrease in the use of pain medication

41 minutes

Average in shorten labors


Decrease in the baby's risk of a low five minute APGAR score



I hope I have already answered all your questions. If there are still some points that need further clarification, check out the list of the most common questions I receive below. Do let me know if you still require more information.

Do you perform any physical examinations?

No, doulas are not trained to perform any medical examinations, including cervical exams. We are trained to monitor the birthing person's labor progress by their demeanor and pain levels.

How will hiring you affect my partner’s role during the birth?

Doulas, at no point, should exclude a birthing person's partner during this experience. A doula works with your partner as a team. We teach your partner hands-on techniques and other comfort measures during prenatal meetings.

What are your interactions with medical staff like?

I do my best to build a trusting relationship with the medical team or midwife. My ultimate goal is to provide you with enough evidenced-based information that you feel confident to speak with your provider directly while making informed decisions.

Does a doula replace my doctor or midwife?

No. Doulas are not healthcare professionals. We assist you in making decisions by working with you and your doctor or midwife. Doulas work with your medical team to best support you.

I'm in my third trimester. Is it too late to hire you as my doula?

It's never too late to hire a doula. Do keep in mind that a doula is a wonderful resource and hiring sooner assures you reap all the benefits of hiring one. If you hire later in your pregnancy, we will have to schedule our prenatal meeting closer together to be sure you receive all the information I have for you.

What are my payment options?

You are welcome to pay in full or utilize the flexible payment plans I have to offer. I accept all major credit cards and HSA/FSA.

I can't afford your prices. Can I still book with you?

Magnolia Birth believes every person that wants a doula should have access to this without the worry of financial barriers. I offer free services to a few families per year. Please contact me to discuss details.

You're a Tricare-authorized doula. How does that work?

I'm accepting clients as a non-network provider. This means I require payment upfront for services rendered. Qualifying Tricare beneficiaries are then able to submit a claim to Tricare for reimbursement.
Once the time comes for my clients to submit claims for the services I've provided, I'm committed to help you through the process and work diligently with you until you receive reimbursement.